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What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a seaweed that grows in warmer oceans. The moss grows attached to rocks. While attached to the rock, the moss absorbs the rocks minerals. This gives the moss the amazing ability to have 92/102 minerals that our bodies consist of. It is one of the best source of trace minerals that any other plant can offer. Those minerals aid in detoxifying the body, supplying energy and regulating digestion.  Dr. Sebi also taught us that minerals, not vitamins are needed to reach homeostasis (stable health). Once this happens our immunity is at it's strongest to fight off bacteria and virals.


Dr. Sebi taught us that all disease in the body is caused from mucus. Even chronic disease like cancer, fibroids and asthma. Mucus is formed from the food we eat and our lifestyles. Sea moss aids in the removal of mucus from the body. REMOVE THE MUCUS, REMOVE THE DISEASE. When applied topically the moss provides our largest organ, our skin, much-needed minerals as well. Sea moss alleviates multiple skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Sea moss gives abundant beauty results as well. Removing dark spots, diminishing wrinkles and restoring elasticity. Great for all ages.

Not intended to cure any disease.

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