Blending Schedule

Nothing is more important to me than to ensure my products reach you at their freshest. This is why my products are made to order. I blend sea moss gel twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday. This is to ensure that you get the maximum shelf life of your gel. All other products available 365.


Minimal purchase of $35 required for shipping.

Due to the shelf life of the sea moss I work at getting you your sea moss products ASAP. To ensure that I do this I use flat rate shipping via USPS. For your package to reach you in 2 days, I must mail your package on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If an order is placed Thursday or after, your package will be mailed the following week. The

charge for shipping is $15. It is imperative that you check your mailbox regularly. I will provide a tracking number to you as soon as I ship your package. I am not responsible for sea moss products left in mailbox after the package has reached you. REFRIDGERATE ASAP.

Shipping has been discontinued during the summer months of July- September 2021. This is to ensure the integrity of the product. Sea moss does not do well in hot temperatures. Sitting for long periods of time outside of refrigeration will spoil the sea moss.

Smoothies CAN NOT be mailed. I know! I am sorry.